A Client Relationship

There is more to money than money®. Far too many people focus attention on specific investment ideas or discreet financial acts. Financial growth is not achieved by unrelated acts. People should understand and manage their resources relative to their comprehensive goals. Resource Advisory Services builds relationships to expand attention for the “big picture.”

From the first contact, we want our communications with you to be a two-way exchange – not an effort to sell you on our ideas. We will be alert to indications a mutually beneficial relationship can develop. Finding these relationships is as personally rewarding for us as the clients we serve. So, we approach new potential clients with anticipation that you and we will benefit. We will be open about issues that may hinder our relationship. The decision to proceed in the relationship should be mutually made on both sides.

Resource Advisory Services understands that developing comfortable communications can take time. We are sensitive to the faith you need in us before revealing your personal information. Emails and phone calls are usually the first conversations. Often, we are introduced by someone who thinks we can help their friend. We hope you understand that we need extensive information to do our work well. Building easy two-way communications, so this trust can grow, is important to the relationships that foster our best work.

Your Initial Meeting