Mission Statement


inset_david_lewis_newDeveloping relationships that help people build and enjoy wealth, through our commitment to excellence in comprehensive financial planning services, where we gladly accept fiduciary responsibilities for understanding and serving each client with an exceptionally high level of ethical integrity.

Since the 1985 founding of Resource Advisory Services, I have believed that building wealth means increasing net worth AND improving the structure of the Net Worth Statement. Securities portfolios and investment management are important elements for building wealth. Yet, they are only parts of our comprehensive relationships affected by many other resources.

Enjoying wealth is extremely important to us at Resource Advisory Services. We believe helping clients understand the components of their net worth and its progress improves the feelings of security. Even if you are far from your financial goals, disciplined monitoring of progress and the reasons for your rate of progress improves your enjoyment of your wealth. By accurately understanding your situation, you can have more confidence in making decisions.

J. David Lewis, MBA, Principal, Founder
NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor