6 Crucial Steps To Take When Hiring A Financial Planner

Our Comment by J. David Lewis – If you believe you do not have enough to find a good fee-only, fiduciary financial advisor, this is the article for you.  It gives good research tips.

by Mark Miller, Morningstar

“Resolved for the New Year: I will not make a financial plan for my future in 2012.

Thats the disturbing finding of a survey showing that 80% of Americans wont focus on financial planning this year–the highest percentage found since Allianz Life Insurance of North America started asking about this three years ago in an annual New Years resolution survey.

Why? The largest group of nonplanners–35%–said they “dont make enough to worry about it.”

Read the steps via 6 Crucial Steps To Take When Hiring A Financial Planner.

After you read this article and followed its advice, talk with us.  We do not have minimum  investment accounts for new clients.  We do expect serious commitment to improving your financial strength.  There is more to money than money®. With that commitment, we will quote fee arrangements that should make sense for your particular situation.

Contact J. David Lewis directly with david.lewis@resourceadv.com or share your thoughts on this topic below. He founded Resource Advisory Services in 1985.  National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) was formed only a few years before. Lewis became a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor in 1986.  He is a passionate advocate for fiduciary, fee-only financial planning and has been associated with financial services since childhood in a banking family.  57279

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