How to Care for an Elderly Parents Finances |

Our Comment:  Many of us have needed to help our parents handle anything from the normal financial task of paying bills to making major financial decisions.  We never seem to know the best time to offer help or ways to help parents understand they need our help.  This short article has tips that are good to keep in mind, based on our experiences. – J. David Lewis

By Colleen Reinhart, eHow Contributing Writer

Realizing that a parent needs help coping with finances is hard, but your foresight, help and vigilance can keep your aging mother or father safe, secure and provided for throughout the golden years. Tread carefully when talking about money, since asking for financial help is difficult for World War II-generation seniors used to looking after themselves. Keep your eyes open for red flags that signal financial trouble, prevent problems by planning ahead and act fast if you notice any serious financial issues.

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