Our Ideal Client

We believe we have the greatest set of clients in the world. This comes from many years discussing client relationships with colleagues. We very rarely have colleagues suggest they may have better clients than we do. There are reasons for this.

If you ask most financial advisors to describe the clients they want to attract, they will respond with a minimum amount available for investment. One million dollars is common, with little attention to the kind of people they consider “good clients.” Resource Advisory Services does not have a minimum level of investment assets or net worth. Instead, the client relationships we want are with people who understand our phrase – There is more to money than money ®.

The desire to accumulate and/or enjoy wealth is important. Some of our most rewarding work has begun with people who had relatively modest accumulated wealth early in their careers. Yet, their commitment led them to engage us for assistance building net worth. Notice, this does not say “build a securities portfolio.” Net worth is a much more comprehensive term. It has relevance to the array of assets, as well as the balance between assets and liabilities. Ideal Clients have a desire for feelings of security from a well structured net worth, instead of a desire for just a portfolio ofsecurity instruments. Feeling security enhances enjoying wealth.

Other very good relationships began later in clients’ careers; with a realization that financial affairs seemed disorganized – or even out-of-control. Sometimes, as wealth has grown, the responsibilities of prudent stewardship became stressful. Professional help was needed for the feeling of security. Our diligence to put the investment assets into context with the rest of our clients’ lives makes bringing the overall picture into focus an important part of our relationships.

Together, we and our clients can better see what should be done. Ideal Clients actively want to contribute to our process – through understanding the role they play and acting on it. Make no mistake about it. The greatest contributions to accumulating wealth always come from client motivations, not portfolio returns. Ideal Clients understand this. Our role is providing meaningful feedback on progress – alongside prudent investment management. We work with our Ideal Clients, instead of managing portfolios for only investment returns.

For Ideal Clients we see a clear way we can improve their lifestyle. We gladly accept our fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We put their interests ahead of our own. We are most interested in improving clients’ lifestyles. We should be able to write a meaningful paragraph that begins “We can improve your life by……..” Most often, this includes staying well informed about the comprehensive financial picture, so we can respond to whatever opportunities or stresses that may appear.